Tearin’ Up My Heart

Anyone who knows me knows I have always loved and adored the Backstreet Boys (refer to last post if you need proof) but there is no doubt that I still followed and enjoyed listening to *NSYNC. In fact, I believe they were the first performers I ever saw in concert. My cousin and I saw them in 1998 at the Broward County Fair, which seems like a laughable venue in hindsight, but they were just getting their start. Even more hilarious – guess who was their opening act? BRITNEY SPEARS. I remember looking at my cousin and saying “Who is Britney Spears?” I had no idea she’d turn into a pop legend and my all-time favorite artist. Let’s all just take a second to look at the photos below, in all their spiky-haired glory.




I digress.

The purpose of this post is to recognize another pop legend who we all know and love, Mr. Justin Timberlake.


You can’t help but respect and adore this man for his immeasurable talent (among other things). He captured our hearts with his good looks, dance moves, and amazing voice, and has recently showcased his ability to also make us laugh.

People have referred to Justin Timberlake as the Michael Jackson of our generation, and because of this, I felt I absolutely had to see him in concert. I missed him on the Legends of Summer tour with Jay-Z, but when he toured solo, I made it a priority to buy a ticket.

But then, a very sad thing happened.

I had to SELL my ticket. My beautiful, lower level ticket to see one of the most talented artists on Earth.

Sadly, my friends, I was presented with an opportunity at work that I could not pass up. I was invited to a conference that was out of the state, and was literally in flight during the entire show. I landed right as it ended. Heartbroken, I tried to get tickets for his show the next day in a neighboring city, but was unsuccessful.

Please forgive me, Justin Timberlake, and PLEASE go on another tour. As a millennial who has grown up loving your music, I feel incomplete without seeing you in concert.

And let the records show that this is one of my most popular Facebook posts of all time:


Sigh… until next time, JT. I’ve only heard amazing things about your show.

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