Sometimes I Run, Sometimes I Hide in Malibu

Sometimes I’m scared of you, Malibu. 

A few months ago, my husband Sandy and I took a trip to Los Angeles. As a pop culture lover visiting for the first time, you can only imagine some of the items on my agenda. The first was to visit the Backstreet Boys’ mural in Melrose promoting their latest single at the time, Don’t Go Breaking My Heart. 

I of course paraded around the Hollywood Walk of Fame to visit Britney Spears’ star, among other Hollywood icons.

After my saint of a husband helped me cross several things off my ridiculous LA bucket list, I wanted to make sure we did some activities that he wanted to do, too. We visited some friends in Newport Beach then decided to take a drive up the Pacific Coast Highway. With the ocean on our left and the mountains to our right, it was absolutely beautiful. 

We then saw a sign for the Malibu visitor’s center, where Sandy thought we could stop to learn about some hiking trails to possibly check out. We took a right turn, figuring the visitor’s center was a mile or two away from the first sign we saw. 

The next thing I knew, I was on the edge of my passenger seat as we drove through a damn canyon. The roads suddenly became extremely windy and a huge cliff was just a few feet from us. I thought this was the end. I was going to plummet to my death any minute.

Call me a wuss, but this video doesn’t do it justice. Remember, I was on the passenger side going the opposite direction right on the edge. 

The worst part about this is that I just wasn’t expecting it. I’m a Florida girl — I like my roads flat and straight. But this came out of nowhere and I did not have a chance to mentally prepare myself. I was nauseous and terrified. Beyond my control, I started crying. (Thankfully, I laugh about it now!).

Poor Sandy just felt like the worst husband ever in that moment, but neither him or I could have predicted the road ahead or how I’d react. Desperate to make me feel better, he knew taking me to lunch would make me forget everything. 

As we drove to find a restaurant, I was still pretty shaken up. And then I saw a sign for Paradise Cove.

Paradise Cove… where did I know that name from? I told Sandy to follow the sign and it led us on a (flat) road to Paradise Cove Beach Cafe, which overlooked a pier.

Not just any pier…  this pier. Anyone else recognize it?

This was the exact pier where Britney Spears filmed her Sometimes music video in 1999 (seriously the best year ever.)

You can imagine my mood flipped a switch. I was no longer anxious from my near-death experience. I was so excited! And Sandy was thrilled to not to have a distraught wife anymore. I don’t think he could’ve planned a more perfect turnaround!

Check it out!

We then went to the cafe, which had tons of pictures of celebrities all over the walls, BUT I didn’t see a single photo of queen Britney Spears. I considered walking out of the restaurant until I learned about their eco-friendly pasta straws that made me give them a second chance. Read more here. 

Anyway, I’m so glad I didn’t die over the cliff or get divorced that day. This story truly had a happy ending for this fangirl. 

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