Ladies, You Need Neutrogena’s Genius New Product

Everyone knows Britney Spears has influenced most of my life decisions, including choosing Herbal Essences shampoo in the early 2000s based on her endorsement.

Well, another teen queen, Jennifer Love Hewitt, first got me into Neutrogena right at a time I was just learning about skin care. Remember her commercials for Neutrogena’s Oil-Free Acne Wash? *BTW, it’s currently on sale at Walgreens — buy 2, get one free!

Fast forward to 2019 and I’m using Neutrogena’s make-up removing cleansing towelettes on a daily basis. I absolutely love them, except when I travel. Rather than having the full pack of 25 wipes take up room in my suitcase, I usually take a few wipes out of the pack and put them in a plastic bag — not ideal.

Thankfully, Neutrogena recently released new make-up remover singles! Such a simple, yet game-changing innovation! Why didn’t anyone think of this sooner?! They are so tiny and freakin’ adorable.

Not only are these wipes perfect for travel, but they’re convenient for every day! Throw them in your purse to touch up your face on the go or clean up post-workout.

Based on my experience, I think women are running out to get these wipes and that they’re flying off the shelves. I stopped at two different Walgreens and Target but they were all sold out! I finally found them at Wal-Mart and decided to stock up on two bags. Each bag was $5.96 and included 20 wipes.

I’m so glad I found these just in time for my trip to Las Vegas this week because I KNOW I’m going to need them when I attempt to put on false eyelashes by myself — Glue. Everywhere.

I also plan to keep a few in my guest bathroom! It’s a much more hygienic way to share wipes vs. having someone’s hands all up in your multi-pack. And now, you don’t have to worry about an open pack drying out over time!

If you’re out shopping for these, let me know where you find the best price! Let’s put Wal-Mart’s rollback prices to the test. Walgreens’ buy two get one free promo might be your best bet if you’re lucky enough to find them in stock!

Here’s to beautiful skin on the go!

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