The Secret to Jennifer Aniston’s Perfect Body is Right There in the First Episode of Friends

For decades now, the media has interrogated Jennifer Aniston about the secret to her amazing body and timeless beauty. Seriously, how does she do it?!

Well, my friends, the answer has been right under our noses since 1994.

Friends Cast

I’d give you a recap of the Friends pilot episode, but if I have to do that, then you shouldn’t be reading this. I demand you close your browser and start the series NOW. 

At the very least, I’ll say that in the first episode, Ross and Rachel are both newly single after their marriages unexpectedly fall through. After an exhausting day, they both reach for the last Oreo cookie, presumably to comfort their heartbreak with a chocolate indulgence. I mean really, is there a better way to cope? 

They both insist that the other take the cookie, but agree to split it. Ross commits the chivalrous act of giving Rachel the half with the frosting. In that moment, we should’ve known they’d end up together. 

But then, I was not prepared for what would come next. Watch and listen closely at 51 seconds in.

Wait… did this woman just PUT BACK the Oreo?

First of all, who does that? But also, can you imagine how Ross must feel? He sacrificed the good half of the cookie only for her to manhandle it and throw it back in his face.


Just when I think Ross deserves better, I’m reminded of what a smoke show Jennifer Aniston is, so she gets a free pass.


But really, has she ever eaten an Oreo?


As enviable as she is, Jennifer Aniston is an advocate for body positivity that makes me love her even more. They may not be to her liking, but I think she’d tell us all to eat the Oreo. You’ll still look great in that swimsuit.


“You know, a swimsuit body is a body in a swimsuit, no matter what that body is. It’s time to just stop thinking beauty is in the shape of a size 4 and the right butt size and the right waist size and the right measurements. It’s just old. We’ve done it. We’ve been there. Let’s move on.” – Jennifer Aniston

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