It’s a 10 is the Best Shampoo Since Herbal Essences

Whether it was the uncomfortably suggestive commercials, the celebrity endorsements, or the delightful scent, something drew every girl to Herbal Essences shampoo in the early 2000s. You probably owned a bottle from this collection.

But to get the full nostalgic effect, you must watch their cringeworthy commercial.

However, I would’ve done anything to look like Britney, so that was reason enough for me to make this my shampoo of choice during my awkward years.

But with everyday frizz, uncontrollable bedhead, and the Florida humidity taking its toll on my hair, I upgraded my shampoo and conditioner to one that delivers.

It’s a 10 Haircare

True to its name, I absolutely love It’s a 10 Haircare. They have a variety of collections! Although, their Miracle daily shampoo and conditioner are my go-to’s, followed by their best-selling product, the Miracle Leave-In.

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I admit, I was a skeptic. I thought my drugstore shampoo did the job just fine and that a more premium product was unnecessary — until I tried It’s a 10. Not only do these formulas smell amazing and leave my hair softer, shinier, and fuller, but they’re actually good for your hair! It’s a 10 uses all-natural ingredients.

It’s a 10 Products to Try

There is an It’s a 10 collection for all your #HairGoals! For instance, some collections include conditioning, blonde, defrizz, keratin, styling, volumizing and more! But hands-down, my absolute favorite is the blow-dry collection.

I use the full collection for special occasions or a night out, and opt for the Miracle daily collection for every day,. I follow my wash by a dime-sized amount of the blow-dry styling balm. Perfect!

Sometimes I add on the Miracle Blow Dry Texture Sprayfor added volume. It’s not heavy, greasy, or sticky and adds a little extra oomph!

To help their customers take their blow outs to the next level, It’s a 10 launched their own blow dryer in January. This is the brand’s first hot tool! Even Allure deemed it a winner. For $180, it’s definitely on my wish list!

But wait! I’m not done bragging yet — THIS BRUSH. The Miracle Smoothing Brush is the only brush I use these days. The bristles are flexible and the brush head is curved so it contours to your head — brilliant! I absolutely love it.

Above all, It’s a 10 products are cruelty-free, and the company is also a woman-owned business located right here in South Florida! Check out their CEO, Carolyn Aronson in her recent interview with Entrepreneur. She is a total BOSS!

In addition, It’s a 10 also just announced a rewards program. If you order products using my referral link, you’ll get 15% off! It’s a 10 will make you believe in little hair miracles — they are truly a 10 out of 10!

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