If You Hate Taylor Swift, Thank You So Much For Her New Single

While Twitter trolls are out there writing hateful tweets, I imagine Taylor Swift sitting in her $20 million New York penthouse penning her next singles. So thanks for the inspiration, losers! We’ve got a new summer jam.

In response to the endless scrutiny that comes Taylor’s way, the 29-year-old megastar just released “You Need to Calm Down” off her upcoming album, Lover.

Not only does the single call out Taylor’s haters, it also proudly takes a stand for the LGBTQ community.  

So Really, Why Does Everyone Hate on Taylor Again?

We all have different musical tastes, but I can’t imagine what it’s like to have so much disdain for an artist that people feel the need to continuously express their hatred toward them. 

Do we seriously live in a world where Taylor Swift is the villain? 

THIS HUMAN? This is your enemy? 

We’ve got much bigger problems, people. 

If you can’t get on board with Taylor’s music, that’s fine. It’s not for everyone. But musical preferences aside, your hateful comments are an attempt to bring down a hugely successful young woman who has been writing and playing music since she was eleven years old. Her fame did not come her way without grit, perseverance, determination, and yes, talent. 

So why is it so hard to respect Taylor’s success and simply change the station or bounce to a different Spotify playlist? Did Kanye make it cool to be an asshole and now everyone is following suit?

Taylor Swift has accomplished SO much in her career at such a young age. The volume of her work alone is to be commended. And she’s done it all without fame causing her to spiral out of control down a dark path. 

But I want to talk about something bigger than Taylor’s career — her heart. 
Whether the trolls want to admit it, Taylor is a damn good person.

She is hugely generous, donating much of her fortune to important causes and issues. She’s written sizable checks helping Hurricane Harvey survivors, sexual assault victims, animal foundations, police departments, and countless fans in need. 

And you’re downright crazy if you don’t think Taylor Swift is a positive influence and role model. She works hard and stands up for her art (remember when she removed her music from Spotify and called for streaming services to fairly pay their artists?). 

But also, Taylor is a political advocate, using her huge platform to encourage young people to register to vote. The spike in registrations was deemed “the Taylor effect.” So yes, there are a lot worse things a musician could be influencing her fans to do.

The lyrics in “You Need to Calm Down” is just one way Taylor is standing up for the LGTBQ community. To kick off Pride Month, she shared this letter she wrote to Congress.

And in April, she donated $113,000 to an advocacy group in Tennessee. 

But this recent video is my all-time favorite.

I’m thrilled that Taylor continues to cut through the noise and show up for her fans who love and support her. Every mention or hateful comment just builds her up and fuels her career. I think gone are the days where she sings about high school boyfriends who broke her heart. The cynics are now her everlasting muse.

Less hate, more love. Lover drops August 23rd.

“Blowing out someone else’s candle doesn’t make yours shine any brighter.”

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