Happy Birthday, Oops!

Fifteen years ago, Britney Spears did it again.

After paving her way onto the pop music scene in the late 90’s with hits like …Baby One More Time (have you ever heard it?), (You Drive Me) Crazy,and Sometimes, Britney released the first single off her sophomore album to let the world (and universe! The video took place on Mars) know that she was here to stay.



Maybe it’s a stretch for me to assume that you all remember exactly where you were when you first watched Oops!… I Did it Again, but I do.

I had just gotten home from school and plopped myself on a barstool in the kitchen to turn on TRL on our “old-school”, not-so-flat-screen TV. Carson Daly announced the world premiere, and I stared intently into the TVin a creepy Poltergeist fashion, just inches from the screen. I remember my brother’s initial comments about Britney wearing too much eye-makeup. How Rude!



And yes, the same way I had to watch NBA All-Star games every now and then, my brother had to deal with my Britney obsession. But as a teenage boy, I don’t think he minded oogling over Britney in the iconic red jumpsuit.


And prior to seeing Britney this past NYE live in Las Vegas, we got to see the jumpsuit in person—photo evidence:



And while it would be blasphemous if I didn’t encourage you to watch the Oops video on its fifteenth anniversary, I feel her 2000 VMA performance of the song is more necessary. In case you forgot how freaking
amazing this is,  watch it NOW!!! Better yet, watch Miley Cyrus’ sorry excuse for a VMA performance and then watch the queen at work.

I mean seriously… Britney >. Happy Birthday, Oops!!

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