My Newest Backstreet Boys Poster is Unlike All the Rest

If you know me even a little bit, you probably know that I love these three things: the Backstreet Boys, the University of Central Florida, and Las Vegas.

And on February 16, 2019, my worlds collided. I met the Backstreet Boys in Las Vegas and we shared a moment of admiration for my amazing alma mater.


The Backstreet Boys got their start in Orlando in the early 90s, so I figured they’d be fans! And after UCF’s recent successes on the football field, I wanted to keep the conversation going with my boys — it was the perfect ice breaker for the fangirl moment I’d always waited for.

Our meeting was about 60 seconds at most, but I promise the Backstreet Boys are just as sweet and down-to-earth in person as you would ever imagine. I was extra nervous because I had to sneak my flag in underneath my jacket, but once I pulled it out and told them I went to UCF, they were more than happy to show their support! Just when I thought I couldn’t love them any more than I already do!

We continued our conversation about college sports. Kevin and Brian are both huge fans of the University of Kentucky, who happened to be playing the University of Tennessee in basketball during the meet and greet. Since they had to miss the game, I gave them a score update as I hugged them (I never wanted to let go!!!). By the end of the night, UK came out on top, upsetting #1 Tennessee!

I spent the rest of the night in the pit singing and dancing my heart out to all the hits I grew up playing on repeat (I lost my voice the next day!). There’s something so magical and indescribable about feeling like a kid again. I loved reliving the little moments you remember so vividly. Plus, those moments are even better when the Backstreet Boys are literally within reach. I still can’t believe this even happened.

Get Down — THIS DANCE BREAK THOUGH! Not sorry for my screaming.
AJ touched my hand!!!!!
SO CLOSE I DIED. Kevin touched my hand too!
Too awesome for words. Finale song!

Since I was 7 years old, I’ve adored the Backstreet Boys. You can say they were my first loves! I think our meeting was too short for me to adequately express what they mean to me, but they are the soundtrack of my life. All I did was thank them and told them I love them, which is enough for now.

I will forever remember this moment, but I like to think the Backstreet Boys might find me a little bit memorable too. Howie is an Orlando native, and even gave me a “Go Knights!” This was truly a dream come true!!!

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