As if!

To this day, I have a weird habit of quoting movie lines and placing them in casual conversation where I see fit. I like to think this all started with the movie Clueless, which was released in 1995.

This movie set the tone for what 90s kids thought dating, fashion, parties and “sex” would all be like. (I put “sex” in quotes because I didn’t even know what it was at that time.) We all wanted to be Cher Horowitz — don’t even get me started on her closet! If you’re anything like me, you watched this movie and started counting down the days until you finally were a teenager.

Now just to put it into perspective, I was only six years old when this movie first came out, so I really had NO idea what I was doing. But, I was a little diva for my age, and I immediately requested that my mom buy me knee-socks to match Cher, Dionne and Ty’s. I started experimenting with my mom’s make-up and pretended to give myself a makeover. I went out and bought a pen with fluffy feathers on the tap to match Cher’s. These were the little details I noticed from the movie and I’m thankful I didn’t yet understand all that virginity talk.

But one thing I want to highlight in this post is Tiger’s Clueless-branded phone. I was one of those girls who begged for my own phone line, (which is hilarious in hindsight because I’m sure no one would’ve called me), and when my parents refused to acquiesce, they bought me this phone to shut me up. I didn’t object! This phone was pink and purple, hands-free, and had two different voice-changing mechanisms built in. It also had buttons you could push during the call with  pre-recorded “AS IF” and “WHATEVER!” sayings. I felt like the coolest girl in town! I would have friends over all the time to engaged in prank call sessions with our new disguised voices.

Following the movie, Clueless tried to remain relevant in a TV series that was launched on ABC. It was part of the TGIF lineup, which was another staple of the 90’s. A few of the original cast members were a part of the TV series, but Cher Horowitz was played by Rachel Blanchard.

I like to think that Brittany Murphy got her start from this movie. She had smaller roles on sitcoms like Sister, Sister, but she started to pick up bigger roles after Clueless. When I heard of her death, I couldn’t help but think, “No way, Tai Frasier died?!” Paul Rudd’s career also took off and he is still very relevant today.

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