America’s Sweetheart

In the early 2000’s, Jessica Simpson was on top of the world. She had a booming music career, a reality show, endorsements, her own product lines, acting debuts, TV specials, and a super hot husband to match. And how can we forget her AMAZING body? Daisy Duke, anyone?


She became America’s Sweetheart. She was known for being a little ditzy, but completely charming. You couldn’t help but love her. And coupled with Nick Lachey, they were the seemingly perfect couple. I followed Jessica’s career from the very beginning with her Sweet Kisses album. She met Nick when she opened for 98 degrees in 1999.


After a break-up, they reunited after the 9/11 attacks. They then married in 2002. We are approaching what would have been their 10-year anniversary.


MTV’s Newlyweds boost Nick and Jessica’s careers, landing them plenty of appearances, like on their own Variety Hour. Check out this skit:
Rumor has it that the fame interfered with their marriage and led to their divorce in some way. Six years since the divorce, the two have entirely different lives. Both have remarried and welcomed their first child.


Jessica’s latest endeavor is a deal with Weight Watchers — something we NEVER would’ve thought would happen to her. But things don’t always turn out the way we thought! The best we can hope for is that these two new couples (and babies) are happy. But we won’t forget about the original Newlyweds!

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